A paradise for those loving water activities, Oman never fails even for its underwater charm. And to see the beauty beneath the waters, snorkeling tour in Muscat Oman is the best activity to engage with if one feels that scuba diving gears are difficult to handle. Most of the snorkeling friendly waters are situated amidst the country’s dramatic, mountainous coastlines. These waters are home to eye-popping underwater corals — a garden of them. These gardens are home to fishes like parrot fish, wrasses, and striped sergeant fish. On a good snorkel day, one can also encounter the friendly clown fish or even a thrilling swim with rays, turtles and cuttlefish. Bander Al Khairan and Muscat bay among them for snorkeling in Muscat area.

Watching wild dolphins is a thrilling way to start the day and lucky may even come across one of the many species of whales that can be found just a few kilometers from Muscat's rigged coast.

After dolphin watching trip we allow those who are interested to indulge in snorkeling in a beautiful bay thus giving you an opportunity to have a glimpse of the rich marine life of Oman. On the way back enjoy the scenic beauty of Oman’s coastline in a fiber boat over the pristine waters of Oman’s capital area and experience the breathtaking views of some of its landmarks.

Inclusions : Refreshment, snorkelling equipment, light snacks.
  • R.O. 20/- per adult.
  • R.O. 22/- per adult including hotel pickup and drop
  • Children below 12 years half charges
  • Children below 5 years no charge
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