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Your tour start with a visit to the Grand Mosque, standing in stately grandeour. A visit to Grand Mosque is a must to all tourist. It open for tourist from 8-11 am except fridays. From here you will proceed to fish and vegetable market in Muttrah. Feel free to mingle with the crowd. Visit to Muttrah souk, Oman’s largest indoor market, is one of main attraction. At the Souk, built in traditional style, you will find exquisite silver jewellery, frankincense, intricately hand-made Khanjars (daggers) and other handicrafts. You will be then be taken past the Corniche road and to the capaital area before you stop in front of the Sultan's Palace, the Portuguese forts, Jalali and Mirani. You will be then visit Bait Al Zubair Museum for a fine display of Omani culture and history.

Dress Code for the Mosque : Men and Women are required to wear attires that cover their arms and legs till their ankles. Ladies are required to cover their head with a scarf.

  • Charges : R.O. 60/- (Max. 4 person) & additional passengers R.O. 10/- extra

You will board the 4WD travel to Fanja and stop to take photos of abandonned village. You will travel through the Sumail Gap that will divides the western and Eastern Hajars. Journey continues to the Wahaiba Sands, a romantic desert with rolling sand and dunes. This is the traditional home of the Bedouins who know how to survive in these harsh desert conditions. Experience an exciting dune drive and you are invited to meet with a Beduouin family. There is the option to arrange camel ride if required. Your journey continues to Wadi Bani Khalid. Enjoy a gentle walk along the river bed and cool down in the crystal clear waters of the rock pools of Oman's one of the largest and most picturesque wadis.


  • Timing: 8am to 10am / 10am to 12pm
  • Price : R.O. 140/- per 4WD (max. 4 pax) additional passengers R.O. 25/-
Price include : picnic lunch or lunch at local restaurant & service of an english speaking tour guide cum driver.

Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman with its fascitation souk and impressive 17th century fort which privides stunning views from its tower. Your journey cintinues on a scenic mountain route upto the roof of Oman and feel the climate cool down on top of green mountain. Jabel Akhdar offers discovery, adventure and facinating insight in to the life of one of the most in accessible places in the Sultanate of Oman. We take a leisurely wake through hanging gardens which which runns alongside the original falaj system and visit Diana point with spectacular views out across the Canyons and terraced villages of the Jabel.


  • Price : R.O. 130/- Max. 4 pax - additional passengers R.O. 25/- extra,
Included: Picnic lunch boxes & Fort entry.

Enjoy a great day out driving through the fascinating Hajar mountains. Visit Nizwa the ancient capital of Oman with its fascinating souk and impressive 17th century fort which provides stunning views from its tower. Your tour continues to Al Hamra one of the last loan village in Oman and you head up to Jabel Shams; 'Sun Mountain' Omans highest peak nearly 3000 meters. At the upper reaches of the mountain is the 'Grand Canyon', which provides breath taking views down to its floor. Feel the cooler climate on top of the Canyon.


  • Price : R.O. 130/- max. 4 persons. Additional passengers R.O. 25/-
Included : Picnic lunch box and fort entry.
(Optional: Youcan be added Al Hoota Caves tunnel which leads to an enormous sub terrranean chamber and large underground lake home to a rare species of blind fish.
Price : R.O. 10/- per person extra incuded entry fees.

Sur road offers breathtakeing glimpeses of the blue water of the gulf of oman offset by pristine white beaches driving through Quriyat a very large fishing village. Visit Bikah Sinkhole, a spectacular lime stone crater with blue green water at the bottom. Continue your drive to Wadi Shaab, shallow green pools and abundant shade give Wadi Shaab a perfect setting for picnic. You may take a long walk inside the wadi to some pools of clear water for swimming.


  • Price : R.O. 130/- max. 4 pax - additional passengers R.O.25/- extra.
Included : Picnic lunch box.

Drive along west of Muscat to themagnificent Nakhal Fort which is perched on a rocky outcrop of the western Hajar mountains. The old village of Nakhal leads to the famous hot springs situated at the end of an attractive oasis. Relax beside the shallow of the springs surrounded by lush green date plantations and steep mountain peaks. After speding Nakhal we will continue a amazing drive through Wadi Bani Auf brings you to the base of the north face of Jabel Shams, and the beautiful village of Bilat Sayt, hidden between the mountains.


  • Price : R.O. 160/- max 4 pax. additional passengers R.O. 25/- extra.
Included : Picnic lunch box.
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