Incentives are the reward for work well done, and we strive to ensure that they are truly rewarding. We customize incentives as per needs and budget. GCC Tours Muscat Oman has a dedicated division in Muscat Oman for outdoor operation for team building parties, company staff parties, beach & island parties, incentive parties, parties in beach, desert, mountain, wadis, etc with full setup. We do operation for the companies in Oman, UAE, Europe and other countries.


We organize beach parties, events, incentive parties in Bander Al Khairan island . The trip will start from Marina Bander Al Rowdha

Later we reach the isolated Bander Khairan island. On this island with privacy, you would be amazed by the setup that awaits you for an entertaining afternoon. Mats with beach umbrellas would be put in place for you to relax and enjoy the sun. Arabic tents would be put up in this island – One tent for the delicious BBQ and the other would be neatly decked with cushions and carpets known in the Arab world as Majlis for guests to relax. An Omani Oudh player would entertain you while you relax under the tent.

Several team building activities can be organized at the island for the group. Beach games like beach volleyball, soccer can be conducted. Other fun games like Relay races, Tug of war and more team building games will be a part of the itinerary.

After an eventful afternoon; board the boats again to sail back towards the marina.

A French incentive group in Al Khairan Island
A French incentive group in Al Khairan Island
An incentive setup for an Italian group in Al Khiran Island
A German Incentive group in Al Khiran Island
A dinner event for Boeing USA in Al Khiran Island
An Italian incentive party in Fins beach
An italian incentive group in Wahaiba Sands
A dinner setup for senior citizen from Germany
A German incentive group in mountain top grand canyon
A German incentive group in Nizwa Fort
An Australian birth dinner party in Bander Al Khairan Island
A staff party in Oman Dive Centre
Wadi Bani Auf
Barket Al Mouz Farm at Nizwa
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